What is ORYGENE Platform?

ORYGENE is a blockchain powered product authentication and services platform which provide consumers and manufacturers with product trust. ORYGENE enables anyone the ability to confidently, quickly and economically verify the authenticity of any product which has ORYGENE Security Tag attached.
There are two types of ORYGENE Security Tags. The cost efficient QRCode tag and high security NFC based tags. These tags can be effectively and securely incorporated with any physically manufactured products. Upon integration of the Security Tag, the product is paired with the digital counterpart on the blockchain. Verification of authenticity is instantaneous with a simple tap or scan with any Android or iPhone mobile phones.

How to read ORYGENE Security Tag?

Download and use our free “ORYGENE Authenticator” mobile app to scan ORYGENE Security Tag. This app reads the tags and displays the product details on the screen. The app also verifies the authenticity of the tag through complex blockchain algorithm to ensure the tag is authentic. To read NFC based Security Tag, just bring the back of mobile phone near to the NFC Tag. The sensor in your phone will automatically pick up the signal transmitted from the chip inside the NFC Tag. Please note that, only phone with built-in NFC sensor can scan NFC tag. Most flagship Android phone has this capability. Meanwhile on iOs platform, all iPhone 7 and newer supports NFC scanning.

How ORYGENE Security Tags are generated?

ORYGENE Security Tags are generated in Admin Portal. This a webbased portal is accessible at https://www.orygene.io/portal

This portal offers free registration for anyone to generate Security Tags to protect their products. The steps required to generate the tags are provided within the portal. The portal provides wizards to assist you to make tag generation quick and easy. We designed the system to be very user friendly and simple to use. ORYGENE platform also has a dedicated mobile app called ORYGENE Encoder to perform encoding of NFC tags. This app can be download for free and used together with the Admin Portal.

What is the cost of generating the ORYGENE Security Tag? Is there any initial investment?

ORYGENE platform works based on Pay-As-You-Go model. There is no setup fee required. Upon signing up, free tokens are credited into the account. Security Tag can be generated using the free tokens. During the tag generation, token is deducted from your account. One token is deducted from the account for every tag generation. By default, each Security Tag remain active for one year only, thereafter the Security Tag stops working. To keep it alive for longer period, more token must be allocated during the generated step. The price per token can be seen in the Admin Portal. There price of token starts at $0.25 each

Can an unauthorized company generate ORYGENE Security Tag? How to obtain Verified Status?

ORYGENE is an open platform where anyone can register and open an account. To address the issue of fake accounts, we have processes in place to verify the authenticity of the account owner. The steps on how to obtain Verified status is available inside the Admin Portal.
Accounts that has “Verified” status, has one major advantage. When Security Tags are scanned by the end-user using the ORYGENE Authenticator, the app displays a special green colored emblem on the top corner of the screen. His emblem gives assurance to the users that they are dealing with an authentic product. Although obtaining Verified status is not mandatory, we highly recommend all our users to apply for it.

How to display unique content for every Security Tag?

The content displayed on the screen when user interact with the Security Tag comes from Templates stored in ORYGENE Server. The Templates are designed and composed inside the Admin Portal. Placeholders can be inserted anywhere in the Template content. These placeholders will be substituted with dynamic data during the generation of the Security Tag. This make it possible for each tag to display slightly different content. Within the Admin Portal the data source for the placeholder can be entered and maintained.

How to display interactive content?

The Template content is fully based on HTML standards; therefore, it is fully capable of displaying rich content like any websites on the internet. Admin Portal offers an easy to use WYSWYG editor to edit the Templates, where you can compose the content with rich formatting tools and insert media such as pictures and videos. You can also embed Javascripts to add more lively interactions. This can be useful for integration with third-partly api call via jQuery AJAX library.

How secure is the ORYGENE registered NFC tags? Can it be cloned?

Every NFC tag is unique. There is a hidden digital signature stored inside each NFC tag which is associated with its unique serial number. There cannot be two NFC tags with the same serial numbers. Using the public key from the manufacturer, the authenticity of the serial number can be verified. ORYGENE platform leverages this out-of-box security available in NFC tags and enhance it further by serializing it with ownership information using Blockchain technologies. Blockchain is known for its security robustness. Information written in blockchain is permanent and can be audited by anyone in the world.