What is ORYGENE Platform?

ORYGENE is a SaaS platform that can be used by businesses or institution to eliminate counterfeits products. This is done by protecting their products with NFC tags that are registered in our system.  are attached to their products and distributed. Before purchasing, consumers can verify the authenticity of the products using their smartphones which has our mobile app installed. The mobile app can be downloaded from here. Our NFC Tag is powered by latest technology that prevents it from duplication.

How to register NFC tags in the ORYGENE platform?

This is done by using our separate dedicated Android mobile app that can be download after login into our Admin portal. This app is called ORYBuilder. Using the Admin portal the details of the product to be protected are recorded.  This information will appear in the ORYBuilder app done the credentials are provided.

Using the ORYBuilder, empty NFC can be serialized by just tapping at the back of the mobile phone. This process creates a cryptographic bond between the NFC tags and the ownership information that are permanently registered in our blockchain.

Using the free ORYGENE Reader app, consumer on taps these NFC tags to retrieve and display this information from our blockchain.

Who are the target audiences of ORYGENE?

ORYGENE is primarily designed to solve the problem faced by general consumers. They are the real victim of the counterfeit market. We, empower them with practical and efficient means to authenticate any products before purchasing. This is done by using the sophisticated device that they are already carrying with them, which is their smartphone. By eliminating fake products from the market, the sales and the brand loyalty of the product will increase. This ultimately benefits the product manufacturers and brand owners.

How consumers verify the originality of the products with ORYGENE?

With our ORYGENE Reader mobile app installed, a consumer simply taps his/her mobile phone onto the ORYGENE label found on a product. The NFC tag hidden behind the label gets activated when it comes within a close proximity with the smartphone. Usually, the NFC sensor is located behind the smartphone. Upon tapping, the ORYGENE app automatically opens and displays the details about the product along with a green emblem at the top corner of the screen. The green emblem indicates that the source of the NFC tag has been manually verified by us.

Do all smartphones have NFC sensors?

It is estimated that around 60% of all smartphones worldwide has NFC sensors built-in. It is growing at a steady rate and is expected to reach 90% within the next two years. However, budget smartphones do not come with NFC sensors, therefore please check the specification of the smartphone before purchasing. Apple iPhones from iPhone 7 onwards has NFC sensors built-in.

My phone has NFC sensor, is it compatible with ORYGENE?

ORYGENE Reader mobile app is compatible with all Android and iPhones with NFC capability.  Our ORYBuilder mobile app used to perform serialization blank NFC tags, is available only in Andriod platform.

What type of NFC tags are supported?

Our platform works with any NFC tags that is based NTAG 413 DNA and NTAG 424 DNA . This type of NFC is compatible with all smartphones and can be easily purchased.

How secure is the ORYGENE registered NFC tags? Can it be cloned?

Every NFC tag is unique. There is a hidden digital signature stored inside each NFC tag which is associated with its unique serial number. There cannot be two NFC tags with the same serial numbers. Using the public key from the manufacturer, the authenticity of the serial number can be verified. ORYGENE platform leverages this out-of-box security available in NFC tags and enhance it further by serializing it with ownership information using Blockchain technologies. Blockchain is known for its security robustness. Information written in blockchain is permanent and can be audited by anyone in the world.

Will the NFC tags expire and become unusable?

A NFC tag based on 413 and 424 has a lifetime of 50 years from the point of manufacturing. We feel this duration is sufficient for most use-cases.