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Step 1.

Business Registration

Register at and enter your Business details. Provide proof of Business operation. After verification, your Business will be registered in our Blockchain.

Step 2.

Setup Product Details

Enter product details and upload product images. Use our advanced online editor to compose engaging product content and embed interactive contents like video, slides and survey form.

Step 3.

Generate QR Codes

Create a batch information by specifying required quantity. The QR Code’s images are generated and printed directly from the browser. No additional software required.

Step 4.

Encode NFC Tags

Download “ORYGENE Encoder” from Google Play Store, import batch information and start encoding blank NFC tags. Our NFC tags have anti-clone protection, therefore making duplicate copies is not possible. This makes it suitable for protecting high value products.

Step 5.

Distribute Your Products

Stick the Tags on your products and distribute to your sales channels. As your customers scan the tags, using our “ORYGENE Authenticator” app, it validates the tags and displays certificate of authenticity along with the interactive product contents on the screen.

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